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A tribute to Steve

The following words spoken by SteveJobs at a university graduation ceremony a few years back, made an impact on me.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Long live your vision Steve….


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Measuring Scrum effectiveness

If you are not new to Agile, you would know that scrum is one of more widely used process a.k.a methodology that many organizations are using today and are seeing significant benefits, not just short-term but also long-term. The Scrum Master, who is the process designate owns the success of the scrum teams. Therefore it becomes very critical on who you select as the Scrum Master. Agile says it is a Servant-Leadership role that can be only played by wise men/women who have a very high level of maturity and display professionalism in handling their role.

The Scrum Master is a tactical player who acts behind the scenes, but is present on the spot to remove impediments. He or she liaises with the management to address organizational issues or issues that impede the Scrum teams productivity. The Scrum Master also is in constant look-out for areas that needs improvements, be it the need for  new tools, new software,  an upgraded hardware, changes in configuration, for that matter even changes in teams and organizational structure. The bottom-line is the Scrum Master shall ensure a smooth-flow of potentially shippable software at the end of each iteration in a manner that cause less irritation and more satisfaction.

Of the many challenges that the Scrum Master faces, the most important is in his/her interaction with the Product Owner in prioritizing features of the highest business value to the end-user and also help the Product Owner focus on the value-stream to ensure an optimal ROI for the project. The Scum master shall also not get too fancy about team velocity as a measure of productivity. Measuring yesterday’s weather is more predictive than measuring weighted average. Spikes in velocity is common, but the key is finding the root-cause for the spike and solve it, thereby helping the team to look at areas that causes waste and eliminate it. Kudos to Lean Thinking.

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Being Agilent

Organizations are naive at adopting new practices over established home grown policy driven practices that are run-of-the-mill type and that rarely add value to the business neither in the short-term nor long-term. Even the current economic and financial crisis has failed to evoke a changed mind-set in the adoption of newer methods or strategy. The failure of the CxO’s to engage Business process consultants to enhance the value an organization brings to its industry is yet another reason why this transition is too slow or even non-existent.

Services (including software) and manufacturing industries have to start adopting  process improvement techniques while engaging professionals rather than trusting the skills and competencies of its own staff.  The value a professional or a specialist brings to the table is far more that what can be achieved internally.

The skills an expert brings is not limited to leadership qualities, professional ethics, high-quality expertise but more towards bringing value to the business on the whole, thereby there is always a competitive edge.

Being an Agile Management Consultant, I find organizations hesitant to tune-in an expert service because of the cost involved, they rarely see the long-tern ROI it bring along with.

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~ Vasanth



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TQM & Process Improvement

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Why is that companies today are more serious on short-term gains than have a long-term vision. Its not that competition is heavy than before or change is inevitable, rather its more on the leadership that rules or governs the organization. So why are business leaders today not worried about scaling or sustenance or innovation. I wish that business leaders looks at improvement as suggested by A. Feibenbaum’s famous words on Quality.

Quality is an organizationwide process.• Quality is what the customer says it is.• Quality and cost are a sum, not a difference.• Quality requires both individual and teamworkzealotry.• Quality is a way of managing.• Quality and innovation are mutually dependent.• Quality is an ethic.• Quality requires continuous improvement.• Quality is the most cost effective, least capitalintensive route to productivity.• Quality is implemented as a total system connectedto both customers and suppliers.

TQM is truely necessary to ensure sustainable profitability and an enduring place in the market.

Have a great day.

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Communication Catylist

Communication in any business environment, especially in the form of conversation, causes or accelerates value or waste; it is the foundation for all coordinated achievement

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Business Transformation through operational excellence

Many businesses fail today citing reasons other than business. Contacts, legal, regulatory, compliance, policy, etc., etc. ignoring the fundamental lever to success, namely, Governance. Structuring the business around your company’s vision is vital to gain competitive advantage. Change may be hard and painstaking, but without constant change you will fail. In today’s globalized economy where rapid change is the norm you need to adapt and adapt quickly and efficiently. Think Agile, think Lean and follow the path to success.

It’s easy to be compliant to industry standards such as ISO or Software CMMI, but that does not guarantee business results. Constantly benchmarking yourself to your nearest competitor is necessary to have the edge. Re-align your core competencies to reflect to current market trends and needs. Market research often. Spend on R & D and innovate. Be the Leader, and never a follower.


January 1, 2011 1 comment

Helping organizations streamline their business operations has been a passion to me over the last few years. “Change” is the word I use as an desruptive idea that CEO’s fret on listening. Usually is not all about sudden, transformational change, but its about a Viral Change that Leandro Herrero talks about. Transform or persish is the norm today. Are you listening?

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