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Lead Yourself with Persistence, Passion and Purpose

If you want to be successful, your actions and behaviours should lead you to success.

There is a key characteristic that distinguishes a good leader and a great leader. The great leader endures.

To endure, one needs to persist. The key to persistence is passion.

The key to passion is purpose.

And the key to purpose? Perspective.

To be successful, find your purpose.

Many of us struggle with this.

You cannot find your purpose if your goal is survival.

Let your goal be one that gives you satisfaction, happiness, a sense of value to you and others. Only then you will find your purpose.

Therefore run with Passion, Purpose and Perspective.

Your life will look great.

Have a purpose-filled life.

Your compassionate friend,

Vasanthan Philip

P.S: Vasanthan Philip is a Business and Leadership Coach who works with business owners and entrepreneurs of small and medium sized businesses to help them grow their businesses exponentially.

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