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How Broadening Your Range of Thought Leads to Prosperity

John Maxwell is one of the few mentors whose writings have made a great impact on how I think and live my life.

Recently I read about his 11 types of thinking that takes one on the path of prosperity. Here they are:

  1. Big Picture Thinking: The ability to think beyond yourself and your world in order to process ideas with a more holistic perspective.
  2. Focussed Thinking: The ability to think with clarity on issues by removing distractions and mental clutter from your mind.
  3. Creative Thinking: The ability to break out of your “box” of limitations, with the goal of experiencing a breakthrough.
  4. Realistic Thinking: The ability to build a solid foundation on facts to think with certainty.
  5. Strategic Thinking: The ability to implement plans that give you direction for today and increase your potential for tomorrow.
  6. Possibility Thinking: The ability to unleash your enthusiasm to find solutions for even seemingly impossible situations.
  7. Reflective Thinking: The ability to revisit the past in order to gain a true perspective and think with understanding.
  8. Questioning Popular Thinking: The ability to reject the limitations of common thinking, in order to accomplish uncommon results.
  9. Shared Thinking: The ability to include the heads of others to help you think “over your head” and achieve compounding results.
  10. Unselfish Thinking: The ability to consider others and their journey in order to think with collaboration.
  11. Bottom Line Thinking: The ability to focus on results in order to gain maximum return and reap the full potential of your thinking.

According to Maxwell, we can inculcate these thinking patterns by surrounding ourselves with people in these various areas of thinking, particularly with the ones that we struggle with. “Where your own abilities may fall short, a trusted advisor could provide much needed insight“, he says.

He also asks us to be active participants in our own thinking. We need to constantly be aware of how our circumstances may be influencing our Thinking and decisions. It’s important to take responsibility for our own thinking and avoid blindly following the suggestions of others without reasoning through the logic for ourselves.

He goes on to suggest that we need to practice intentional thinking on a routine basis like setting aside the time to think each day as an important discipline. He also suggests that we record our thoughts and take the initiative and to put ours thoughts into action quickly.

So lets’ ensure we capitalize on our brains fullest power and potential by embracing these 11 thinking types.

P.S. Vasanthan Philip is a Leadership, Personal & Business Growth Coach helping individuals and business owners grow exponentially. He can be reached at askvp@vasanthanphilip.com and +91 9003075368. Contact him for your coaching/mentoring requirements.

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