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Kick Your “But” off

February 21, 2020 Leave a comment

Our lives success and happiness depends on who we hang out with most. The two key words in the last sentence are “success” and “happiness”. Why is it so hard to have those two in our lives. You would be lying if you are thinking that “I am successful” or “I am happy”. A steady job with the perks that it provides, a great family with a wonderful spouse and children, and a dependable social life hardly makes one successful or happy.  Every single moment that we live, we have feelings, desires, fears, doubts, agony, anxiety, disappointment and setbacks that we face. We are surrounded by people who are not “up to the task”. We feel agitated. When we are on the road, we feel frustrated and angry. We are anyhow ‘humans’, aren’t we?

We can only generally feel happy, but not really, really happy. The only one’s who are truly happy are the monks who live in the Himalayas, or the one’s scattered around in different parts of this world. Why are they happy? Because they have discovered happiness. They have discovered their purpose to live for and they are self-aware. But, that is not the only way to happiness. Should happiness be discovered? That is total BS. Happiness is just in front of you. You have to choose to see it, make it come to you, feel it and embrace it. It’s a choice that we need to make. If you seek true happiness you will find it, and you will become successful, for the holy scriptures say, “Seek, and you shall find it”.

Thinking plays a vital role because the thoughts that we process in our mind determines the path that we seek. So, let us be careful on what we think. If we choose to server others, that path will be laid in front of us, and we just have to walk the distance, but if we choose to live for only us, a different path is laid in front of us. By serving other you will discover true happiness, and true happiness will lead us to the path of success.

Coming back to the “crux” of the message this post was intended to provide, surround yourself with great people, people who make you happy, people who are really interested in your happiness and whom you can trust,  and not with people who are takers, drainers and destroyers as written wonderfully by Sean Stephenson in him best-selling book, “Get Off You “But”: How to End self-Sabotage”.

Today’s random act of kindness: Surprise one person today with a nice gesture and make them happy.

Wishing you true happiness and success.


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Vasanthan Philip is a Business, Life and Leadership Coach helping the society transform into a rich, vibrant, happy and helping world.

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