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The Mind of a Successful Leader

December 20, 2019 Leave a comment

It’s never easy to think clearly when we are faced with everyday issues, challenges and obstacles. A cluttered mind finds it strenuous and arduous to make the right decision. Successful leaders close their eyes, stay calm for a few seconds, take a few easy breaths, and relax their body before that can start thinking clearly again. But a monkey mind is not quiet for long and starts to wander again.

  1. The successful leader is always thinking of ROI – When leaders are investing time and resources on something they would expect a positive. Therefore accountability to ROI is critical.
  2. Successful leaders are Open – Leaders who are open to suggestions, feedback and improvement are the ones that stay at the top for long.
  3. Successful leaders are always learning and improving – Leadership excellence should be a constant journey. It is gained only through the continuous effort put on learning from others, up skilling, changing limiting behaviours by self-reflection and seeking help from a coach.
  4. Successful leaders are vulnerable – Vulnerability is not a weakness. It is the courage to admit mistakes, seek feedback and showing an appetite for accepting failure and learning from it.
  5. Successful leaders have a growth mindset – Having a growth mindset enables one to be not limited to constraints, opportunities and creativity. These leaders believe in possibilities. They believe in exponential thinking, and they become limitless.
  6. Successful leaders grow others, and are not self-serving – These leaders are servant leaders. They serve to others welfare and growth. They are ego-less, are humble and compassionate. When someone comes for help, they convert that opportunity into a coaching opportunity. They are also great mentors.

How many of these six points did you live today? Working with a leadership coach is usually a great way to not get distracted but be focused on achieving positive, measurable outcomes.

P.S: I’m a leadership coach who helps successful leaders achieve excellence by coaching them through a proven coaching method and be transformed in 8 to 12 months.

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