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Adaptive Leadership

What is Adaptive Leadership? Today we talk a lot about Agile, the buzz around it, and how it is helping organizations transform. It is Agile that introduced the term Servant Leader, right? In the context of leadership, these terms are used interchangeably. Lets look at Adaptive Leadership.

1. Adaptive leadership is the practice of mobilizing people to tackle touch challenges and thrive.

2. Adaptive leadership is specially about change that enables the capacity to thrive.

3. Successful adaptive changes build on the past rather than jettison it.

4. Organizational adaptation occurs through experimentation.

5. Adaptation relies on diversity.

6. New adaptation significantly displace, reregulate and rearrange some old DNA.

7. Adaption takes time.

Good leaders should distinguish between technical problems and adaptive challenges. Adaptive challenges can only be addressed through changes in people’s priorities, beliefs, habits, and loyalties. Technical problems can be solved through the application of authoritative expertise and through the organization’s current structure, procedures and ways of doing things.

The adaptive leadership process consists of 3 steps, Observe, Interpret and Intervene. One must be willing to experiment and willing to take smart risks. The adaptive leader shall also engage above (intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical) the next, and below the neck (mind, heart and body).

Finally the adaptive leader is connected to purpose, choosing among competing, legitimate purposes, sacrificing many in the service of one or a few, in doing so making a statement about what you are willing to die for, and therefore what you are willing to live for.

Have a great day.

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