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Food for thought…my imagination running wide

If CxO’s today, do not change how they think, plan, strategize or execute, they would be in for a surprise. What is thought in Management schools and at Executive Education Program may not be relevant 5 years down the line. We talk about Web 1.0 and today about Web 2.0, and tomorrow it could be Web 3.0, but have we thought if Web would be web tomorrow.  Like the 2000 bubble burst, there could be a Web burst soon. GenX would pave the way for the Baby boomers. Think about it. Are you game?

Organizations have to re-structure to new set of roles and responsibilities, The CEO roles would be transitioned to Exceptional Executive Officer(EEO), or a CFO would be called Exceptional Finance Officer (EFO), and so on, purely based on their ability to think differently, according to the changing dynamics of the economic environment. Regulatory compliance would be challenged through Mandatory compliance, with different levels of compliance, starting with a baseline requirement. If the baseline is not met, you would not get funding, cannot put resources, or even come up with a business plan. For this purpose you would not have auditor as in today, but Conformity Offices or CO’s who will need to give a “GO” before anyone can start operations. There would be a new set of officers called Acceding Office (AO) under whom the CO’s would operate with.  The roles of Managers would transition to that of Mentor(s). For example, a Project Manager (PM), would henceforth be called a Project Mentor (PM), or a Quality Manager might be called a Quality Mentor (QM), and so on. I would even go further to say that Human Resources Management (HRM) may transition to something like Exceptional Talent Management (ETM) and the Sales and Marketing (S & M) would transition to something like Profiting and Gaining (P & G).

Taking stock of these changes, one would agree than the required skills  for these positions will not be the same. For example, the new EFO would not require the skill of a strategist, but more of a manipulator. He would come with not plans but with blueprints to manipulate the diversity of challenges faced in order to compete. So the challenge is how could someone acquire these new skills that are not thought in business schools. I would create a role called “Futurist” who keeps looking at the rapid pace of change and would suggest the type of skills and competencies required to survive and to move into the future. There should be schools who teach people on how to acquire these new skills and competencies and would even go to the extent of certifying candidates who enrol in such schools as “Emirates” (1 to 5), with 5 qualifying for a ExO positions.

Ultimately it all boils down to execution, so that blueprints are translated into Profits. And profit may not be the ratio of total cost to the sales achieved but would rather be something like Risk Mitigated to that of the Total Spent.

Hope you enjoyed the post.


Vasanth (The Futurist)

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