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Why should you go for Agile.

April 20, 2012 1 comment

Whether you are CMMI/ITIL compliant or ISO certified, there is always scope for improving your s/w development efficiency and programmer productivity. It is sad many companies today see that the only measurement for production of good software is “Defects”. If there are less on no post production defects, they assume all is fine. Also, customers are not so demanding these days.Maybe the perils of the economy and global recession has made them complaisant.

So let’s come to the point of why Agile makes a HUGE difference in giving more for less. First of all, it all starts with business agility. If you are Agile, your business would respond appropriately to rapid changes in the business environment. To adapt to these rapid changes businesses should keep changing their strategies or adapt new strategies. But if your business is highly regulated you need to get control of your business processes and be aware and aligned to your compliance requirements. Therefore the control and management of enterprise-wide business rules becomes paramount for enabling good decision making. So start with the TOP. Check your level of agility and make those necessary changes to the layers of management and come up with a new governance structure that will be an enabler for Agile adoption. The second most important thing is taking stock of your current IT infrastructure and applications including software tools that are used. Usually there is no enterprise-wide consistency in the usage of such software and tools. There might also be expired or un-renewed licenses and unused tools. Thirdly, look at the way you have been managing your risks. Agile helps you to manage risks in a much better way than in the traditional waterfall approach. Since in agile, big projects are divided into smaller project that are build on each other, it enables people to employ shorter feedback loops, to learn quickly and change plans as new information emerges.

But, the BIG Leap is Agile Project Management. It creates an environment of agility. It re-defines the role of the project manager, where he/she becomes a visionary leader. It promotes collaboration among stakeholders. It empowers project teams which become to make informed decisions. It encourages creativity and innovation, and it help manage risks proactively. But more importantly the upper management trust the team to deliver on commitments.

Finally, with respect to applying better engineering practices, Agile encourages practices such as Continuous Integration, Continuous delivery, requirement prioritization, emergent design, pair programming, collective code ownership, automated builds and acceptance testing.

 Should you think more to adopt Agile?

 Have a great day.


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