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Coaches Corner – Part 1 – Managing Conflicts

Speed Leas author of many books on conflicts, offers us a framework for managing conflicts. The model goes through 5 Levels of Conflicts. They are:

Level 1 : Problems to solve
Level 2: Disagreement
Level 3: Contest
Level 4: Crusade
Level 5: World War

He say’s that the key is to know at which stage the current conflict is layered at, by noticing the strength of the conversations among the team members and applying a appropriate successful response action. He goes on to say that at level one the key is to collaborate and seeking consensus, at Level 2 it is, providing support and safety, at Level 3 it is accommodating (yielding to other’s views), Negotiating and being factual, at Level 4 it is establishing safe structures using “shuttle” diplomacy and at Level 5 it is Doing whatever is necessary to prevent people from hurting one another. The team has to constantly be asking if they are balanced between “Continuous attention to details enhances Agility” versus “Simplicity – The art of maximizing the work Not Done is essential”.

Have a great day….

~ Vasanth

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