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Uncommon Agility

September 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Organizations who have a command-and-control system of getting things does often find it hard to transform themselves into working more efficiently because of the culture that has been prevalent over several years. Though they seek to improve, they are rarely confident on implementing Agility to their operations.

Implementing Agile is not as easy as one would imagine, though some Agile coaches would disagree. Usually it boils down to the scale of Agile implementation achieved over a period of time. Lets looks at the key success factor that would help with this transition.

1. Management’s willingness to change in-spite of resistance.

2. Identifying a single responsible person to carry forward the initiative, and providing complete support throughout.

3. Have a core-team of mature individuals who would lend support and review progress periodically.

4. Identifying and engaging an industry expert, primarily an external consultant to provide guidance and support.

5. Setting up reasonable expectations and coming up with a road-map with important milestones.

6. Being flexible. Encourage failure. Lend support when things don’t go well. Trust the team.

7. Select a pilot for implementation and scale when pilot is successful.

8. Adjust time-frames to help adapt to challenges, risks and expectations.

9. Be  willing to sacrifice.

10. Be the torch bearer throughout the journey and celebrate its success when achieved.

Easily said than done, specially when the journey is transformational  in nature. The biggest mistake would be when you panic and give-up mid-way without considering a course-correction. The tenets of Courage, Commitment, feedback and trust holds true.

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