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Being Agilent

Organizations are naive at adopting new practices over established home grown policy driven practices that are run-of-the-mill type and that rarely add value to the business neither in the short-term nor long-term. Even the current economic and financial crisis has failed to evoke a changed mind-set in the adoption of newer methods or strategy. The failure of the CxO’s to engage Business process consultants to enhance the value an organization brings to its industry is yet another reason why this transition is too slow or even non-existent.

Services (including software) and manufacturing industries have to start adopting  process improvement techniques while engaging professionals rather than trusting the skills and competencies of its own staff.  The value a professional or a specialist brings to the table is far more that what can be achieved internally.

The skills an expert brings is not limited to leadership qualities, professional ethics, high-quality expertise but more towards bringing value to the business on the whole, thereby there is always a competitive edge.

Being an Agile Management Consultant, I find organizations hesitant to tune-in an expert service because of the cost involved, they rarely see the long-tern ROI it bring along with.

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