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TQM & Process Improvement

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Why is that companies today are more serious on short-term gains than have a long-term vision. Its not that competition is heavy than before or change is inevitable, rather its more on the leadership that rules or governs the organization. So why are business leaders today not worried about scaling or sustenance or innovation. I wish that business leaders looks at improvement as suggested by A. Feibenbaum’s famous words on Quality.

Quality is an organizationwide process.• Quality is what the customer says it is.• Quality and cost are a sum, not a difference.• Quality requires both individual and teamworkzealotry.• Quality is a way of managing.• Quality and innovation are mutually dependent.• Quality is an ethic.• Quality requires continuous improvement.• Quality is the most cost effective, least capitalintensive route to productivity.• Quality is implemented as a total system connectedto both customers and suppliers.

TQM is truely necessary to ensure sustainable profitability and an enduring place in the market.

Have a great day.

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