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Communication Catylist

Communication in any business environment, especially in the form of conversation, causes or accelerates value or waste; it is the foundation for all coordinated achievement

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Agile Transformation

January 14, 2011 1 comment

Recently I’m reading a blog that listed the Knowledge Areas for Agile adoption. It was written by Mike Cottmeyer, and I liked it. Most process improvement champions such as me would agree with this list, though a few more can be added to this. Let me list out the list.

1. Agile Methods, 2. Rational Unified Process, 3. Lean, 4. Theory of Constraints, 5. Traditional Project Management, 6. Capability Maturity Model (CMMi), 7. Systems Thinking, 8. Learning Organizations, 9. Conversation Theory, 10. Change Management, 11. Covey’s 7 Habits, and 12. System of Profoud knowledge.

Any one who is championing the cause of Agile in organization should be familier with these concepts and theories and should apply these while transitioning on organization into Agile. I will also add “Managing organizational structure” and “Top Management Commitment” are two vital levers to a successfull adoption.

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Business Transformation through operational excellence

Many businesses fail today citing reasons other than business. Contacts, legal, regulatory, compliance, policy, etc., etc. ignoring the fundamental lever to success, namely, Governance. Structuring the business around your company’s vision is vital to gain competitive advantage. Change may be hard and painstaking, but without constant change you will fail. In today’s globalized economy where rapid change is the norm you need to adapt and adapt quickly and efficiently. Think Agile, think Lean and follow the path to success.

It’s easy to be compliant to industry standards such as ISO or Software CMMI, but that does not guarantee business results. Constantly benchmarking yourself to your nearest competitor is necessary to have the edge. Re-align your core competencies to reflect to current market trends and needs. Market research often. Spend on R & D and innovate. Be the Leader, and never a follower.


January 1, 2011 1 comment

Helping organizations streamline their business operations has been a passion to me over the last few years. “Change” is the word I use as an desruptive idea that CEO’s fret on listening. Usually is not all about sudden, transformational change, but its about a Viral Change that Leandro Herrero talks about. Transform or persish is the norm today. Are you listening?

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